Maitre’D is a fully scalable EPoS system capable of supporting all types of business within the hospitality sector, from hotels to bars, to nightclubs, restaurants, fast food, delivery, drive-thru, and casual dining.

The system offers a modular software suite that can be easily tailored to the individual needs of the business, whether that’s for accounts, inventory, delivery management, integrated credit card payment systems, or staff time and attendance.

With Maitre’D, we provide in-depth stock control so busy bars never run out of craft beer, we help theatres offer quick and efficient interval ordering, and allow restaurants to offer an enticing loyalty programme to keep customers coming back time and time again. We install EPoS that can handle high-volume custom in a large scale event venue, and we give fast food owners the ability to manage their drivers’ dispatch and delivery times.

Whichever Maitre’D configuration fits your needs, business owners, managers, and staff can rest assured that all software is fully supported by a comprehensive reports and monitoring system to make sure you know exactly what is happening in your business at any time.

POS Solutions and Back-Office

  • Traditional or tablet-based POS
  • Integrated transaction processing and gift cards
  • Powerful reporting, forecasting
  • In-depth stock control for food & drink
  • Labour management & scheduling
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Cash management
  • And more…

Mobile Apps

  • Key Performance Indicators presented in a dashboard
  • Get real-time data on sales, labour costs, voids and promotions
  • Receive customised real-time alerts to act immediately when required
  • Ability to set up and monitor any number of restaurants

Enterprise Solutions

  • Multi-concept management
  • Database & quality control
  • Broadcasting/database management
  • Global reporting with drill-down capability and ability to customise reports

KDS Kitchen Video Display System

  • an affordable solution for quick service and table service establishments
  • Fully integrated with Maitre’D

Interfaces & Integrations

  • Online scheduling
  • Sysco e-commerce interface
  • Accounting & payroll interfaces
  • Hotel system interfaces
  • Online ordering
  • Plus many more…
  • Mobile POS solutions allow your staff to take orders at the table, and provide managers with remote access to manager functions for more efficiency
  • Wait staff can enter any customer’s specific demands with modifiers
  • Order “hold and fire” gives servers more control over the timing of each course service
  • Flexible options for customer check or item splitting
  • Floor management features
  • Integration with online reservation solutions (Opentable, ResDiary, Bookenda, etc.)
  • Integration with liquor control devices (such as Berg, BevCheck, Beersaver and Scannabar)
  • Fully PCI compliant integrated payment processing
  • Integrated gift card processing
  • Built-in redundancy means no downtime
  • Automatic meal deal detection guarantees that you’re offering the best possible value
  • Packing screen summary for take-away orders improves take-out order fulfilment
  • Mobile POS solutions allows to queue bust at the counter and drive-thru
  • Configurable tender keys ($5.00, $20.00, or promotions) for faster transaction processing
  • Food preparation forecasting help to better manage menu items that require longer preparation times
  • Maitre’D POS supports multiple drive-thru lanes to help increase the speed of service
  • Built-in redundancy means no downtime
  • Speed of service reports help to measure staff performance and productivity
  • Fast close tender keys mean faster transaction times
  • Fast bar capability ensures fast item ordering for high levels of activity.
  • Open a tab with the customer’s name simply by swiping their credit card
  • Customer names can be used instead of table or check numbers, which helps to keep track of tabs or regular customers
  • Easily transfer tabs to tables
  • Order another round with the touch of a button
  • Schedule Happy Hour pricing to go on and off automatically
  • Cocktail recipes can be displayed or printed for training or customer inquiries
  • Integrated payment processing (fully PCI compliant)
  • Reporting and business analytics that allow you to be proactive and take action in real-time to help cut costs and losses, and monitor profit margins

Increase security and control

  • The bar POS interface provides a direct link to an electronic liquor control device, which measures and dispenses all liquors and beverages and reports all bar actions
  • Run comparative sales reports to easily find any discrepancies between liquor poured and sales registered in the POS system
  • Magnetic card readers or biometrics can be used for employee logon for increased security
  • Cash management features; employee deposits can be made from the workstation at any time, reducing the risk of lost / stolen cash and ensuring more accurate accounting
  • Maitre’D offers a real time inventory system that provides up-to-date inventory counts 24 hours a day

Maitre’D does more than facilitate sales. Its distinctive capabilities empower you to tackle some of your most important goals. Among them:

Better guest experience

Your guests will appreciate the way Maitre’D supports mobile payments throughout your property. They’ll also value its ability to incorporate details for every transaction into guest folios. Whether guests are shopping in a gift store, ordering room service or grabbing drinks in the lounge, purchase details are collected and itemised in Maitre’D and then linked with your PMS. In addition, Maitre’D has integrations with many loyalty programs to help build your local presence and enable appropriate levels of service to your most valued guests

Better employee experience

Maitre’D makes it easy to tailor the ordering process. Customize the process by property or even for each food, beverage or shopping venue within a hotel. Maitre’D works the way you work, not the other way around. From room service attendants to restaurant servers, your employees will learn the system quickly and easily

Enterprise view

Just as your guests appreciate a comprehensive view of their activity, your business benefits when you can aggregate and analyse data across your enterprise. Maitre’D captures data in the cloud and transforms it into insights about your properties. Delivered via Maitre’D Databoard, these insights are invaluable as you work to identify guest trends, operational bottlenecks and other opportunities to improve service and efficiency within and across your locations

Support and costs you can count on

For Hospitality IT, hospitality isn’t just our client base. It’s our way of doing business. From the first call through ongoing system operation, customers of Maitre’D benefit from our highly responsive and reliable support.